We’re staying in the web development area.

In this article, I’m going to go over the question of who is who. When you were looking for a potential candidate, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to call themselves different names. I hope that getting familiarized with the terms will help you understand better the candidate’s profile and thanks to that you’ll gain the confidence that you’re actually contacting the right person. Some misunderstandings on the subject resulted with labelling us as the ones who can’t tell the difference between candidates who use Java and those who are proficient in JavaScript.

Let the games begin.

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Perhaps you have a similar experience… Your manager brings you a new job from a client. We need a tester! ASAP! Pronto, pronto, andale, andale! You get a short description, which is anyway more than you usual get so you can’t complain. There some gibberish – JIRA, JMeter, Selenium, ISTQB, UAT, Black Box… You try to decipher the description but as always time is not your friend and you have to get moving. Anyway, a tester is a tester, right?

Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. To complete previous topic, we’ll discuss types of tests today.

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