It’s time for another area. A rather pleasant subject, namely the frontend. In small steps, I’ll try to explain what you might know from autopsy. For starters, basic concepts.

What is it about? Creating web applications, in simple words – websites. After typing in a specific web address, the site you are looking for appears and all you see and all you can click on is the frontend. Some websites can be breathtaking: beautiful font, colours, graphics, animations, drop-down menus, transparency and other wonders. However, it’s not all about the looks but above all about making it useful and user-friendly. Maybe some of you, get annoyed that you can’t find something on the site or one of the buttons doesn’t work. You click and… no effect… almost makes you throw the PC out the window…No? Okay, maybe I’m the only one who gets carried away sometimes.

Let’s move on…

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