When we talk about tools, terms such as: framework and library come up rather often. Before I move on to the subject of technologies, I’d like to discuss this very topic.

These terms will be used in next articles so it’s worth knowing, what IT experts are talking about. There was a time when I threw those terms around like there’s no tomorrow… obviously without a clue what they mean. I browsed numerous website in search for answers but the more I read the bigger and emptier my head become.

I needed something simple, some analogy, some kind of real life example… and I found one.

I hope you’ll like it.

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We’re staying in the web development area.

In this article, I’m going to go over the question of who is who. When you were looking for a potential candidate, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to call themselves different names. I hope that getting familiarized with the terms will help you understand better the candidate’s profile and thanks to that you’ll gain the confidence that you’re actually contacting the right person. Some misunderstandings on the subject resulted with labelling us as the ones who can’t tell the difference between candidates who use Java and those who are proficient in JavaScript.

Let the games begin.

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Website creation is based on three fundaments: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Those three languages may work differently but they complement each other. Together they form a complete whole, which is known as web development. In a nutshell – powerful stuff!

Every now and then, newer and newer versions with better capabilities and functionalities appear. In the link below you can see what popular websites used to look like, let’s say this are the “once upon a time” versions. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/6125914/How-20-popular-websites-looked-when-they-launched.html

And now briefly.

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